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Executive sector role descriptions

Executive role descriptions for agency heads, policy, professional/technical, regulatory/compliance and service/operational delivery functions.

Executive role descriptions

The senior executive sector role descriptions below were developed in consultation with the sector.  

Each role description is based on the Senior Executive Work Level Standards and is in line with the Role Description Development Guide.  

Each specifies the capability levels required for the role, which have been identified from the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework Version 2:2020.   

These sector role descriptions can be used across a range of workforce management activities, including recruitment, performance management, learning and development and career planning. 

Please refer to the Sector Role Description Guide  and the sector role descriptions frequently asked questions for further information on how to use and adapt them to meet agency needs.  

The role descriptions will also need to undergo role evaluation using an accredited role evaluation methodology, to determine the role’s work value and placement within the band and its remuneration range. 

Agency head

Role descriptions for roles which assume stewardship, leadership and direction of, and accountability for effective operation of an agency, authority or enterprise of government.


Role descriptions for roles which focus primarily on consultation, research and analysis of trends and issues, formulation of appropriate public policy response, and the articulation and implementation of government’s policy positions.


Role descriptions for roles which focus primarily on the application of a particular body of specialised knowledge essential to the effective delivery of the government’s role, or on the provision of technical, specialist, professional or strategic advice which informs strategies, plans, decisions and outcomes.


Role descriptions for roles which focus primarily on the development, implementation and enforcement of programs and activities which optimise compliance with the State’s legislative and regulatory framework.

    Service/operational delivery

    Role descriptions for roles which focus primarily on ensuring that outcomes are delivered efficiently and effectively, and that the use of government’s resources is optimised.