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Who we are

The Public Service Commissioner is an independent office holder.  The Public Service Commission (PSC) is a small department that has been created to support the Commissioner in the execution of their function. The commission within the NSW public sector was established under the Public Sector Employment and Management Act (PSEMA) in 2011. The PSEMA was repealed upon commencement of the Government Sector Employment Act (GSE) 2013. The PSC has the lead role in designing and implementing workforce management strategies and reform to ensure the capability of the NSW public sector workforce to deliver high quality public services to the people of NSW.

What we do

The PSC builds best practice models for workforce management and drives the implementation of these at the NSW public sector, cluster and agency level. Through whole-of-sector reporting, the PSC provides a regular and clear assessment of how the NSW public sector is progressing in its uptake of these models. The PSC is committed to working through an appropriately devolved model that delivers better practice, not more red tape.

The PSC is charged with leading the NSW public sector in the transformation of culture. Assisting NSW public sector agencies to properly reflect the NSW public sector core values in their processes and work is a priority for the PSC. The PSC is committed to exemplifying the NSW public sector core values in its own work.

The PSC has a role in reporting on major issues that face the NSW public sector workforce.  This takes the form of an annual State of the Public Sector Report that the Premier tables in Parliament on behalf of the Commission.

Who we report to

The Public Service Commissioner reports to the NSW Premier on carrying out the Public Service Commissioner’s functions under the GSE Act 2013. However, as an independent statutory office holder in the NSW public sector, the Public Service Commissioner is not directed by the NSW Premier in how these functions are performed.