Who we are

The Public Service Commission is a NSW Government agency within the Department of Premier and Cabinet. Our purpose is to be the NSW public sector’s trusted partner and advisor, shaping a world class workforce. 

Our ambition is a contemporary, diverse, inclusive and highly capable public sector who deliver the best outcomes for the people of NSW. 

What we do

As the public sector’s trusted partner and advisor, we work across four key areas: 

  1. Workforce management – recruitment, performance and development. 
  2. Culture and values – strength through diversity and inclusion. 
  3. Research, reports and data – evidence base for strategic planning and innovation. 
  4. Legislation – governance, principles and ethical frameworks. 

The NSW Public Service Commission’s Business Plan 2020-2021 was released in July 2020. The plan provides a snapshot of our services and the outcomes we’re working towards in partnership with the NSW public sector.   

The plan outlines our four strategic focus areas and associated initiatives:  

  • Smarter ways of working: A mobile and flexible workforce where talent is optimised and work is outcomes focused 
  • Inclusive, ethical public sector: Inclusive and ethical workplaces with strong values that reflect the community they serve 
  • Measuring up to world class: Decision makers have quality, timely data and analysis enabling insights for continuous improvement 
  • Capability for high performance: People at every level have the capabilities and skills to adapt to emerging needs and changing environments 

Our strategic plan

The PSC Strategic Plan 2022-2025 has been designed as a ‘plan on a page’. It shows our priority areas for the year and where we’ll focus our efforts. It gives the whole picture of our services and connects our work with that of our sector partners to show the outcomes we’re working towards together. 

Who we report to

The Public Service Commissioner reports to the NSW Premier on carrying out the Public Service Commissioner’s functions under the Government Sector Employment (GSE) Act 2013. As an independent statutory office holder in the NSW public sector, the Commissioner is not directed by the NSW Premier in how these functions are performed. 

The GSE Act 2013 defines the principal objectives of the Commissioner and their function.

The Commissioner has and may exercise such other functions as are conferred or imposed on the Commissioner by or under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 or any other Act. For example, the Commissioner has the power to conduct inquiries into any matter relating to the administration or management of a government sector agency. See Guideline: Inquiries into the administration and management of government sector agencies

The Commissioner is to exercise functions in accordance with general policies and strategic directions determined by the Public Service Commission Advisory Board. 


Our privacy management plan

Information on how we comply with NSW privacy legislation.

About the sector

The NSW public sector delivers a range of services and regulatory functions to the community, such as education, health services, roads, public transport, law enforcement and environmental protection. 

Most of the services are delivered by agencies or services referred to in the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.  They are part of the government sector and include the: 

  • Public Service  
  • NSW Health 
  • Teaching Service 
  • NSW Police Force 
  • Transport Service of NSW 
  • other persons or bodies including State owned corporations (which may be part of the government sector for specified purposes) 
  • other crown services (includes the TAFE Commission, School Administrative and Support Staff, and Sydney Trains) 

The government sector forms part of the broader public sector. Some agencies and people are part of the public sector but are not part of the government sector as the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 generally does not apply to them. They include: 

  • the Independent Commission Against Corruption 
  • staff of the parliamentary departments 
  • staff of members of parliament 
  • State owned corporations 
  • the Judicial Commission 
  • judicial officers 
  • the Audit Office 

Accessing PSC information GIPA

Information available on this website and accessible under the GIPA Act.

Our code of ethics and conduct

Information on our code of ethics and conduct, and for employees and agencies.   

Enquiries and complaints

Information on matters the Commissioner can respond to and how and where to make individual complaints.

Contact us

How to get in touch with the PSC.