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Government Sector Employment Act

The Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act) provides the statutory framework for NSW government sector employment and workforce management. The Act provides the foundation of a modern and effective public sector workforce, attracting and retaining talented people who want rewarding careers and who are well-equipped to deliver the best services to the people of NSW.

Section 4 of the GSE Act sets out the following objects of the Act to:

  • develop a modern high performing government sector that is efficient and effective in serving the Government in the delivery of services to the people of NSW, and that has effective and fair employment arrangements, management and leadership
  • establish the Public Service as the general service within the government sector
  • provide transparent governance and employment arrangements for the Public Service, including providing for the employer functions and responsibilities of heads of Public Service agencies
  • establish an ethical framework for the government sector comprising core values and principles that guide their implementation
  • make provision for the objectives, functions and responsibilities of the Public Service Commissioner.

Key features of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013