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Workforce Profile

The Workforce Profile collection provides deeper analysis on workforce issues and characteristics. Includes data collections from the past 20 years.

Workforce information

The annual workforce profile data has been produced since 1999 and is published each year as a companion report to the annual State of the NSW Public Sector Report.

We maintain a data warehouse called the Workforce Information Warehouse (WIW). The WIW is the ‘single source of truth’ that provides the government with a sound evidence base to inform the development of workforce management strategies and policy. The data in the WIW is updated through routine collections from the sector, such as the Workforce Profile Collection. The data held in the WIW is de-identified, which means it does not contain the names of employees. We manage the data collected through the workforce profile in accordance with the published Codes of Practice. The Codes of Practice were approved by the NSW Attorney General and NSW Minister for Health.

Workforce data

The Workforce Profile includes demographic information such as age, gender and diversity group membership, and employment information such as hours worked, leave patterns, remuneration, and mobility within the sector.

The information provided by the Workforce Profile supports benchmarking, workforce planning and employment policy development work at both agency and sector-wide level. It also provides insight into social or economic trends and the composition of the sector’s workforce, the need for new employment policies, procedures or systems, and the impact of policies that are introduced. 

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Access current and past Workforce Profile Reports and data.

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Access the policies that manage the collection and use of workforce profile data.