We work with NSW public sector agencies to develop sector-wide policies and programs to support our Aboriginal employees and the citizens of NSW. 

Our aims are to:

  • improve employment outcomes by attracting more Aboriginal people to work in our sector
  • empower our current Aboriginal employees to develop their capabilities and careers 
  • support all employees across our sector to build Aboriginal cultural capabilities and work in a trauma-informed way
  • support sector agencies to understand and use data to inform planning and decision making
  • connect employees through networking, forums and programs.

Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Sets the direction and targets to strengthen our workforce to deliver better outcomes for Aboriginal people in NSW.

Our focus areas

Growing our Aboriginal workforce

Plan your workforce, attract and recruit, employment and work experience programs, career development.

Aboriginal woman looking directly to camera and smiling

Building our cultural capability

Acknowledging and celebrating culturally significant events.

A painted artwork. The three large circles in this painting represent the three rivers of the Wiradjuri country: the Murray, the Lachlan and the Murrumbidgee. The circles on the outside represent waterholes and the white dots are our people travelling up-river gathering food for our ancestors. The rivers were a means of survival and a continuation of life.

Knowing our workforce

Using data and research, networking events and knowledge sharing, and engaging with our sector advisory group.

A group of Aboriginal staff participate in a networking event