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Flexible working

Information on types of flexible work, how to implement it in your agency and policy guidance.

In 2016, the New South Wales (NSW) Government committed to making all roles in the NSW Government Sector flexible based on the principle of ‘if not, why not’.

Government sector agency heads and Secretaries are responsible for implementing this policy commitment in their agencies. This section contains information, advice, guidance on best practice and other tools to support leaders and HR teams in this implementation, and resources for managers and employees to negotiate what working flexibly means for them.

Policy guidance

View guidance and a sample policy to help you develop or update your agency’s flexible working policy.

View the guidance

A woman works in an office with a headset on looking at a monitor

Learn about the different types of flexible working and how to access them.

A group of 4 people stand in an office kitchen smiling in conversation with each other

Understand how to make flexible working work for your team or organisation as a manager or senior leader.

Six people meeting in a boardroom. All of them are sitting at a table with their laptops open except one man who is presenting on a large screen.

Resources for HR teams to support the implementation and uptake of flexible working.

Who does this policy commitment apply to?

This policy commitment applies to all employees of the NSW government sector. This includes employees of the following services, as defined in Part 1 s.3 of the NSW Government Sector Employment Act (2013):

  • the Public Service
  • the Teaching Service
  • the NSW Police Force
  • the NSW Health Service
  • the Transport Service of New South Wales
  • any other service of the Crown (including the service of any NSW government agency)
  • the service of any other person or body constituted by or under an Act or exercising public functions (such as a State-owned corporation), being a person or body that is prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this definition.