Effective people managers are key to high-performing organisations. They’re vital for achieving positive workforce outcomes, and central to delivering a world class public service to the people of NSW.

The People Manager Hub brings together in the one spot links to the key people manager policies and resources in the NSW public sector. The Hub has been developed to equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to be an effective people manager.

These policies and resources are grouped to align with the People Manager Frame which provides on one page an overview of the key attributes of an effective people manager.

People Manager Frame

The key attributes of an effective people manager.

Establish purpose and direction

Translate strategy, set direction, motivate your team and support them to understand expected actions and outcomes.

  • Inspire direction and purpose – high level guidance on how to create a vision and strategy for your team that inspires direction and purpose.  
  • Structure of NSW government sector – provides an introduction to government structure in which we work.
  • Behaving ethically – more than ever, it is essential that NSW government sector employees understand and comply with the obligation to behave ethically. Behaving Ethically is designed to assist agencies and employees to understand and meet their ethical obligations.
  • Strategic Workforce Planning Framework - Strategic workforce planning aims to have the right people, in the right roles, at the right time. The Strategic Workforce Planning Framework has been developed to assist agencies across the NSW government sector to better understand and prepare for their future workforce needs.
  • Government Sector Employment (GSE) Legislation, Regulation, Rules and related resources – The NSW government sector operates within a legislative employment framework. Click the link to access the GSE legislative framework and related supporting documents and resources.

Plan and organise resources

Practical skills to plan work and support your team to perform and deliver quality outcomes.

Manage and develop people

Manage and develop your team for success.

  • Managing for performance - guide for managers – principles for maximising team performance.
  • Positive and productive workplaces guideline – how to prevent and manage unreasonable behaviour and bullying in the workplace.
  • Disability employment – learn about the employment of people with disability in the sector and how to become disability confident.
  • Promoting gender equity in the workplace - five ways to encourage gender equity in the workplace.
  • Diversity and inclusion case studies – employees share how diversity and inclusion impacts their work experience.
  • Insights from senior leaders – watch this video on how current senior leaders are working to break down barriers preventing women from becoming senior leaders.
  • Be an inclusive leader – resources and examples on how you can create an inclusive workplace.
  • Upholding the Rights of Older Workers training – this course provides an introduction to the rights of older workers in Australian workplaces. The course was developed by the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) in collaboration with the NSW Department of Communities and Justice. To access this training you need will first need to register: 
    • Click the training link to access the AHRC’s e-learning portal
    • Press the ‘sign-up’ button
    • Create a new account by filling in your details and press ‘create my new account’ 
    • A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided
    • Click on the link in the email to confirm your registration and log in to the e-learning portal.

Lead through change

Manage and communicate change effectively and support your team before, during and after change.