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People manager capabilities

The attributes of a great people manager are described in the four domains of the People Manager Frame

  • establish purpose and direction
  • plan and organise resources
  • manage and develop people
  • lead through change. 

The Frame forms the basis of the People Manager Fundamentals online learning program and resources for people managers. 

Use the People Manager Frame as an example to guide your development and monitor the specific attributes that contribute to your effectiveness as a people manager.

Since the role of people managers is diverse and depends on agency context, role type, team size, and distribution, the People Manager Frame is not a prescriptive list to define what all people managers across the NSW public sector should be. 

Balancing people and results

As a people manager, you balance the people and the results of the team you lead.

You might sometimes feel a tension between engaging your people and delivering results. Great people managers understand that an engaged and capable team is a key enabler of delivering results for agencies and NSW citizens.

Use the Frame to consider both lenses of your role and determine where you need to focus and flex to meet the needs of your team and customers.

Relationship between the People Manager Frame and the people management capabilities

Each of the four domains in the People Manager Frame align to the 'people management' capabilities in the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework, as shown in the table below. 

While the People Manager Frame describes the attributes of an effective people manager only for the purpose of supporting capability uplift and learning and development, the people management capabilities are more versatile and can be applied to all areas of workforce management in the sector. These include job design, role descriptions, recruitment, performance development, mobility, learning and development, career planning and workforce planning.

People Manager Frame domain People management capability
Establish purpose and direction Inspire direction and purpose
Plan and organise resources Optimise business outcomes
Manage and develop people Manage and develop people
Lead through change Manage reform and change