Inclusion is the act of enabling genuine participation and contribution, where everyone, regardless of their background, identity or circumstances feels valued, accepted and supported to thrive at work.

Belonging and Inclusion strategy

A holistic approach to inclusion across the sector that brings together existing initiatives and new approaches to best practice. 

Gender equity

Data on gender equality in the sector and what we’re doing to improve the experiences of all employees.

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Paid parental leave

Details about parental leave entitlements for NSW public sector employees.

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Inclusion in the sector

Research and guides to make your workplace more inclusive through leadership and removing unconscious bias.

diverse team meeting with wheelchair user

Diversity legislation

The legislative requirements on diversity for the NSW government sector.

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LGBTIQ+ inclusion

Sector initiatives to support LGBTIQ+ employees.

Photograph of NSW public sector staff participating in the 2020 Mardi Gras March in Sydney

Diversity & Inclusion forum

Watch forums which share knowledge and best practice from across the public and private sectors.

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Cultural diversity

Information on our work to support cultural diversity in the sector.

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Inclusion resources

Increase application rates of women for senior roles

Explore research on how an email and a phone call can increase the likelihood of women reapplying for a senior role by 27%.

Be an inclusive leader

How to be an inclusive manager and the practical actions you can take.

Give good feedback

Good feedback requires us to tackle our biases. This guide gives advice for hiring managers and recruiters preparing to give feedback to candidates.