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Inclusive workplaces

 Information on workplace adjustments and funding for adjustments.

An inclusive workplace is an accessible workplace for everyone, where people with disability don’t experience disadvantage or barriers in doing their work or in the workplace. Accessibility covers a broad range of areas, including:

  • physical access to and within buildings and facilities such as meeting rooms, kitchens, amenities, emergency exits
  • information, content and communications
  • activities and events
  • processes and procedures
  • technology (including digital technology)
  • equipment.

The social model of disability says people are disabled by barriers like inaccessible buildings, not having the right technology or people’s attitudes (like assuming people with disability can’t do certain things). Removing these barriers gives people with disability more choice and control, and it unlocks their ability to be productive employees. 

Information on types of adjustments, manager responsibilities and legal responsibilities.

Information on accessing additional funding for accessibility adjustments.