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Disability inclusion training

Complete disability awareness training as an employee or a manager.

Training for people managers

The ‘Removing the barriers: Inclusion of people with disability’ eLearning course is designed for people managers and builds on the previous ‘Disability Awareness’ training module for people managers. 

The  course explores the breadth of disability and perspectives, includes practical information and resources to equip managers with the knowledge on how to be inclusive and improve the employment experience of people with disability. 

The course package contains a Facilitator guide, a Participant workbook and a Manager’s Disability Inclusion Toolkit which provides managers with a useful ongoing resource after completing the course. 

How to access the course

To find out if the course  is available in your agency please contact  your People and Culture team. People and Culture representatives may contact diversity.inclusion@psc.nsw.gov.au to arrange access to the course. 

Disability awareness training module

The disability awareness modules provide foundational information to confidently and effectively work with colleagues who may have a disability and make our sector a more inclusive and accessible place to work for all.

For All Employees - Training Module

This module is designed for all employees and explains how you can become more inclusive in the workplace by understanding disability and by contributing to more inclusive environments.

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For Managers - Training Module

This is a brief introductory module for managers aimed at increasing their knowledge and confidence in managing people with disability in the workplace. The module was developed in 2018 and is now superseded by the ‘Removing the barriers: Inclusion of people with disability’ eLearning course for people managers.

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Disability Awareness Training - Implementation Guide

This guide has been prepared to assist your agency to implement the Disability Awareness e-learning modules developed by the NSW Public Service Commission.

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