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Role Descriptions

Role descriptions give clear and practical information about a role including about the occupation and organisational context. Role descriptions are the basis for:

  • job evaluation
  • explaining the role to employees, managers and job applicants
  • determining assessment standards for recruitment and mobility
  • informing performance agreements and reviews
  • identifying learning and development activities
  • planning career development and progression.

Role Description Builder

The Role Description Builder allows you to easily populate necessary role description content, including the capabilities required for the role from the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework Version 2: 2020 and Occupation Specific Capability Sets, to create a role description.

Please note:

  • The Role Description Builder is hosted on an external website. If you are unable to access this tool, please contact your internal ICT team for assistance.
  • The email functionality of the Role Description Builder is currently experiencing technical difficulties. In the meantime, to save the link to your role description (usually provided in the email), please copy and save the link. This will ensure you can continue to access and edit your generated role description.

What’s new?

Role description guidance, templates and other supporting resources have been updated and improved to capture agency feedback on the design and development of role descriptions. The updates align with the changes to the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework Version 2: 2020 and simplified assessment processes.

For further information on changes to the role description resources, download our fact sheet. You can also view the Role Description Resources Index for updated resources to support the design and development of role descriptions. 

Role Description builder
In February 2020, the Role Description Template and Guidelines were updated to reflect the new definition of Focus Capabilities and the minimum requirement to assess focus capabilities, knowledge and experience (updated in recent changes to Part 3 of the GSE Rules).
Role Description Resources Index
An index of resources to support you in developing role descriptions.
Sector role description library
A library of role descriptions for ICT, administration, policy, project and executive roles.