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Aboriginal Employment Strategy

Our Aboriginal Employment Strategy 2019-2025 provides NSW public sector agencies with the best practice, connections, information, and resources to drive Aboriginal employment outcomes and priorities. 

The strategy was first developed in 2019 and was refreshed in 2022 to mark the mid-way point of the strategies lifespan. 

The updated focus areas and initiatives will ensure the NSW public sector is a culturally safe and inclusive place where Aboriginal employees feel supported, respected, valued and empowered in their roles and to pursue their career aspirations.

The strategic focus areas are:

  • attracting and recruiting a talented Aboriginal workforce
  • creating inclusive and respectful workplaces for our Aboriginal workforce
  • supporting the career mobility and growth of our Aboriginal workforce.

The strategy will be brought to life through 6 key initiatives:

  1. Creating a platform to share knowledge.
  2. Attraction and recruitment of Aboriginal talent into the NSW public sector.
  3. Developing and retaining Aboriginal talent in the NSW Public Sector.
  4. Listen to Aboriginal voices and learn from their experiences.
  5. Deepening connections and sharing knowledge.
  6. Championing cultural capability and safety.

Aboriginal Employment Strategy

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