Introduction to the Strategy

NSW Working together for a better future: the NSW Public Sector Aboriginal Employment Strategy (AES) sets out the key initiatives to be implemented across the NSW public sector and within departments and agencies over the period 2019 to 2025. These cross-sector activities will be driven by the NSW Public Service Commission in collaboration with departments and individual agencies. The strategy sets the direction and targets for improving the employment of Aboriginal peoples in the NSW public sector. 

The strategy builds on the success of the 2014-2017 Aboriginal Employment Strategy, under which the proportion of the NSW public sector workforce identified as Aboriginal increased from 2.6% to 3.3% overall by 2018. 

There is still more to do, and the 2019-2025 strategy goes beyond employment targets and includes a focus on growing Aboriginal cultural competency for all employees across the sector. The new AES is designed to take us as a sector to the next stage, we are committed to growing and developing public sector career paths for Aboriginal employees. We are committed to meeting the Premier’s Priority by enabling Aboriginal employees to: 

  • fill at least 114 NSW public sector senior leadership roles 
  • represent 3% of all staff in non-executive salary classes. 

The strategy’s elements

Our strategy includes three elements which set out our initiatives to reach our commitments: 

  • Building a talent pipeline by attracting more Aboriginal peoples to work in the NSW public sector and helping them advance their careers 
  • Improving Aboriginal cultural capability by teaching all public sector employees to respect and accommodate cultural differences 
  • Engaging with our Aboriginal workforce to help us meet our targets. This section details the actions we will take to implement each of these elements.