Everyone’s Business is a cultural capability training package for the NSW public sector workforce. It is designed to help you understand Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and how past policies and practices continue to affect the community today.  

Through this training, NSW public sector employees will learn how to support and build culturally safe work spaces and services across NSW. 

The training contains a calendar of significant dates and events, a cultural awareness journey, and trauma informed e-learning modules about the Stolen Generations. Each part of Everyone’s Business provides important first-hand knowledge and information about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and their culture. We have worked closely with Stolen Generations survivors and their organisations, the Aboriginal community, and experts across the NSW public sector to develop Everyone’s Business.

Cultural awareness journey

Explore our Aboriginal cultural awareness journey.

Aboriginal art showing a kangaroo drawn in white onto a rock

Calendar of NSW Aboriginal significant events and celebrations

Access our calendar of important cultural dates and resources to understand and recognise their importance.

An Aboriginal man's hand is covered in white ochre paint

These cultural capability resources support recommendations 6 and 29 in the NSW Government's response to the Stolen Generations Unfinished Business report. The resources build cultural awareness of Aboriginal peoples past interactions with government, the diversity of Aboriginal people and culture, and significant Aboriginal events and celebrations. 

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