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Classification and remuneration resources for Ministerial sector boards and committees

Classification and remuneration framework

The Classification and Remuneration Framework for NSW Government Boards and Committees (the Framework), as announced in Premier’s Memorandum 2012-18, guides decisions about the remuneration of individual boards and committees.  The Framework covers all boards and committees, except for Crown Lands Trusts, where appointments require Ministerial approval – either by Cabinet or directly by a Minister.  The freeze to remuneration increases as announced in Premier's Memorandum 2012-18 is still in effect. 

As part of the establishment process for new entities, Ministers are to consult the Public Service Commissioner to determine the appropriate classification (and remuneration) level for both paid and unpaid boards and committees covered by the Framework. Agencies advising Ministers should use the Framework to arrive at a proposed classification and remuneration level for the entity.  

The Framework has five classification groups with various levels and criteria. The Framework includes step-by-step guidance to help you determine the appropriate group and allocate a board and committee into the appropriate level using the criteria. 

The framework

The classification and remuneration framework for NSW government boards and committees including the five classification groups.

Access the framework

Classification request forms

Each group in the Framework has an individual Classification and Remuneration Recommendation Request form that should be attached to the Minister’s letter to the Commissioner. Download the relevant form and enter information online or print the form and fill it in manually. 

Boards and Committees remuneration

The NSW Government Boards and Committees is published from time to time and details the classification and remuneration of NSW Government Boards and Committees covered by the Framework.

Boards and Committees remuneration

A list of boards and committees showing their classification and remuneration under the framework.

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Appointment standards

The Public Service Commissioner has issued the  Appointment Standards pursuant to section 11(1)(g) of the Government Sector Employment Act 2013.

Appointment standards

The appointment standards for boards and committees in the NSW public sector. 

Download the Appointment standards

Payment to public sector employees

It is NSW Government policy that public sector employees appointed to NSW government boards or committees do not receive remuneration. Ministers may seek an exemption from this policy from the Public Service Commissioner in circumstances where public sector employees serving on boards or committees meet exemption criteria. For further information, see the The Cabinet Office NSW Government Board and Committee Guidelines.


Enquiries relating to the Framework or Appointment Standards can be made by completing our contact form. 

You should contact The Cabinet Office for information and advice about the appointment process for board and committee members and governance arrangements outlined in the NSW Government Boards and Committees Guidelines.