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Senior executives

Access information and policies on remuneration frameworks, relocation expenses and work level standards for NSW senior executives.

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Government Sector Employment Act

The framework for NSW Government Sector Employment and workforce management.

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Circulars and Memos

Search and view PSC circulars and memos.

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Access Directions made by the Public Service Commissioner to date.

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Determinations made by the Public Service Commissioner to date.

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The approach which guides the Commissioner when considering exercising their power of inquiry.

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Public interest disclosure policy

How and when to report serious wrongdoing in the NSW public sector.

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NSW Government boards and committees

Classification and remuneration resources for all sector boards and committees

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Remuneration Tribunals

Access the statutory and other offices, parliamentary and local government remuneration tribunals.

Glasses and documents

PSC Policy documents

Policies and procedure documents in connection with the exercise of the functions of the Public Service Commissioner and the Commission.