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Recruitment and selection guide

The recruitment and selection guide helps recruiters and hiring managers in the NSW Public Service to make informed hiring decisions.

The recruitment and selection guide is designed to help recruiters and hiring managers in the NSW Public Service to design consistent and equitable recruitment processes to:

  • enable candidates to perform at their best
  • make informed recruitment and selection decisions. 

Getting recruitment right has never been more important. When done well, attracting and recruiting a diverse range of people to the NSW Public Service leads to the selection of the person best suited to the role and the needs of the agency.

Recruitment offers a great opportunity to build workforce diversity whenever a vacancy occurs. There are known benefits to policy, service design and service delivery when a workforce’s composition reflects the community it serves.

Learn more about the legal requirements for recruitment in the NSW Public Service.

Navigating Recruitment

Explore the Navigating Recruitment e-learning program so you can confidently make ethical, merit-based recruitment and selection decisions.

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Recruitment and selection guide

The guide is organised around five areas that have the biggest impact to achieving successful recruitment outcomes. Each subject area includes practical guidance, tools and examples to help improve the way you find, assess and select the best people.

Easily navigate the range of options for filling roles using our guidance and decision tree.

Make time to plan your recruitment process to put yourself in a good position to find the best person for the role.

Shift your thinking from what you want from candidates to what you have to offer to attract interest from job seekers.

Assess candidates using multiple assessments to provide a solid evidence base for your selection decision.

Make an offer of employment after weighing all the available evidence on balance.

Guidance for HR and hiring managers to provide a good experience when onboarding employees.