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Navigating Recruitment

Your path to ethical, merit-based recruitment and selection decisions

Navigating Recruitment is an e-learning program for anyone involved in making recruitment and selection decisions in the NSW public sector. 

It will help you understand what you need to do to make ethical, merit-based decisions and equip you with skills and knowledge so you can confidently choose the right candidate. 

Doing the right thing improves candidate experience, uplifts your internal hiring processes and ensures the NSW public sector is living our values of integrity and accountability. 

The e-learning follows the steps of the recruitment process so you can learn how recruitment works in NSW Government and receive practical guidance to help you assess candidates fairly. You can complete the whole program or just the sections where you need guidance. The whole program takes approximately 45 minutes to complete, or 5-10 minutes per section. For the best experience, use a desktop computer. 

If you complete every module of the e-learning in a single session, you will receive a certificate of completion. 

Everyone who participates in recruitment and selection decisions is encouraged to complete the e-learning, whether you're new to recruitment, involved for part of the process or recruit frequently. 

Navigating Recruitment

Access the e-learning

To learn more about hosting the training on your agency's learning management system or to provide your feedback, please contact us.