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NSW Public Sector Capability Framework

Use the Capability Framework as a common foundation when creating roles, recruiting to roles, managing performance, developing capability, career planning or undertaking workforce planning.

Access the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework

Performance development

Manage all aspects of employee performance with the Performance Development Framework; and build capability and capacity in senior executive positions with Leadership Development Courses.

Performance Development


Join Australia’s largest and most diverse employer for a unique opportunity to gain wide experience and help shape the future of NSW. Find out about the Talent Pool, and the Graduate Program.

Find out about recruitment in the NSW Public Sector

Role descriptions

Access the Description resources including: guidelines, templates, capability comparison guide, and a library of sector Role Descriptions.

Access role description resources

Workforce management Tools

Find key resources on:

  • Government Employee Number (GEN),
  • Human Capital Management (HCM) systems,
  • Position Coding Automated Tool (PCAT),
  • The Workforce Dashboard
  • and Research Scientist Classification.

View workforce management tools and resources