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Funding workplace adjustments

Information on accessing additional funding for accessibility adjustments.

Workplace adjustments range from no-cost, like varied work schedules or frequent rest breaks, through to adjustments that require more substantial costs, like specialised equipment. 

Your agency may choose to fund workplace adjustments through existing budgets. Additional funding support is available through the JobAccess Employment Assistance Fund (EAF). This is a reimbursement scheme where NSW public sector agencies and employees can receive: 

  • adjustments and modifications to the workplace, equipment and vehicles 
  • customised equipment, including information and communication devices 
  • Auslan interpreting services 
  • specialist services for employees with specific learning disorders and mental health conditions 
  • disability awareness training for the workplace
  • mental health awareness and first aid training. 

The fund is a reimbursement scheme that allows agencies to implement a range of adjustments depending on the disability and challenges. JobAccess provides a free Workplace Modification Assessment to assess what adjustments are needed for employees with disability to do their job. It is also available to existing employees if their duties or role has changed, their disability has changed, or a new modification becomes available that would increase their productivity. 

Modification assessments are done by qualified professionals who will assess the workplace and any barriers that may exist for the employee. The assessor then prepares an assessment report and speaks to the manager and employee about any recommended adjustments. 

There is no restriction to the types of adjustments that can be approved under the fund, as long as it meets the eligibility criteria. 

Who is eligible for JobAccess

To be eligible for JobAccess a staff member with disability need to: 

  • experience disability that has lasted (or is likely to last) for at least two years and must limit, restrict or impair their ability to work
  • be an Australian resident 
  • be employed for a minimum of 8 hours per week for at least 13 weeks. 

Purchasing adjustments and seeking reimbursement

If the employee’s application has been approved adjustments can be purchased. 

The workplace will initially purchase any adjustments and need to submit an invoice and proof of payment to the JobAccess Provider.