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Onboarding and induction

The information below will help ensure that your new team member will have a good start in the role.

The hiring conversation

It is important to ask your new employee if they have any specific needs or require workplace adjustments to perform the role at the time of offering them the role. 

In some cases, it may be appropriate to invite them in to look over the workspace to check if the desk set-up, seating or lighting arrangements will be suitable.

The necessary adjustments should be arranged as quickly as possible so that the person can start work on day one.

A good first day on the job

For a person with disability their first day can be challenging if everything they need is not in place.

These tips will help to make your new team member feel welcomed and valued:

  • show the employee the location of bathrooms, accessible toilets (if required), kitchens, lockers and other staff facilities
  • provide induction materials and training resources in a format suited to their needs
  • encourage the employee to review and update their Equity & Diversity details 
  • provide contact details for any employee networks and groups (e.g. in the agency, department or cluster)
  • work with the safety wardens to devise a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan as soon as possible if needed, this may include the use of text and email emergency alerts for people with sensory disabilities
  • check in on workplace adjustments as your team member settles in, remembering that they may need updates or changes to their adjustment throughout their employment.