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Requesting workplace adjustments

As a person with disability you can request that adjustments are made to ensure you are able to participate in the workplace on an equal basis with others. 

Below are examples of adjustments available to ask for, however if you have a disability speak to your manager or HR team about your specific needs to ensure they are met. 

Asking for adjustments

Before meeting with your manager or HR team you should reflect on what you require. You can also seek advice from your disability employment network or support staff. 

Types of workplace adjustments include:

  • using assistive technology 
  • requesting changes to your physical workspace
  • modifying the way you work or communicate with others. 

Check your agency intranet for more information on workplace adjustment policies or speak to your HR team about requesting any adjustments you need. 

Where different ways of working are required, such as changing work hours or locations, ideally these should be organised in line with existing flexible working policies. 

If you identify as a person with disability to your manager, you can also share your information with your agency by updating your disability information in your employee information systems. 

Any information you share with your agency must be kept confidential and won’t be shared unless you give your permission. This is in line with the Health Records and Information Privacy Act 2002 (NSW).