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Public Service Commission Inclusion Council

Information about the Inclusion Council, benefits of participating, and the nomination process

The Inclusion Council is an influential advisory group representing a broad range of demographic groups from across the sector to constructively advise on a range of PSC diversity and inclusion programs and policies.

Council members will contribute to discussions and use an intersectional approach to provide strategic advice on diversity policies and programs, challenge assumptions and represent their community’s lived experiences to inform sound decision making.

The Council will be advisory and will not make decisions or govern diversity and inclusion strategy. The Council consists of 18 members, with no quotas for any diversity group.

Current membership 2023–2025

We received 136 nominations for the 2023–2025 Inclusion Council and have finalised the selection process. The nominations demonstrated a wide range of perspectives and experiences. 

The 18 inaugural council members were selected from across 11 portfolios, with representation across all diversity groups: 

  • youth or mature age
  • transgender
  • non-binary
  • living with a disability
  • culturally and linguistically diverse
  • carer/parent
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander. 

Council meetings

The inaugural Inclusion Council forum was on 28 November 2023. 

The Council will meet quarterly to discuss PSC initiatives and work through an intersectional lens. Outcomes and actions will be reported to PSC leaders.

Other ways to participate and represent your community

We deeply value the insights and perspectives that come from lived experience. Check out some other ways to get involved in your workplace.

Employee Reference Groups (ERGs)

We encourage you get involved with the ERGs to participate and contribute your voice to initiatives and communities that foster inclusion in the workplace. Reach out to your internal HR team to find out more.


Find out more information on the sector-wide LGBTQIA+ community.