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Gender Equity

Data on gender equality in the sector and what we’re doing to improve the experiences of all employees.

Workplace gender equity is achieved when people can access and enjoy the same opportunities, resources and rewards regardless of their gender. Addressing gender inequity means actively applying measures to address disadvantage experienced by women.

It is also important to address gender equity through an intersectional lens considering the compounding biases women can face when they are treated differently because of their culture, language, race, ability, gender identity, sexuality, regionality and social status.

Data on gender equity in the sector

The 2021 NSW State of the Public Sector report shows:

  • women are 65% of the NSW Government sector workforce and 40.3% of senior leadership
  • women and men from diverse backgrounds are less likely to be represented in senior leader positions
  • women are still overrepresented in traditionally female industries and occupations
  • men dominate higher paid roles but are less able to access flexible working and caring support arrangements.

The 2021 Workforce Profile Report has a detailed breakdown on gender representation in the sector.

Sector action on gender equity

Each cluster has its own strategy and action plan for driving gender equality in senior leadership. If you would like more detailed information on those strategies, please contact the cluster directly. 

Women in senior leadership by cluster
Cluster 2020 2021
Customer Service 49.9 51.1
Education 56.0 56.0
Health 43.1 44.1
Planning, Industry and Environment 46.5 47.7
Premier and Cabinet 52.9 52.6
Regional NSW 27.7 27.4
Stronger Communities 29.5 31.5
Transport 32.2 35.7
Treasury 45.4 42.3
Total public sector 41.1 42.7


Our work on gender equity

We work with NSW government departments and agencies to improve gender equity across the sector. 

Our work includes:

  • enhancing paid parental leave entitlements for all NSW public sector employees
  • encouraging safe and supportive workplaces through sexual harassment response and prevention work.

Find out more about the work we’re doing below.

Find out about the entitlements for eligible public sector employees, regardless of gender.

Information on our work to create safe workplaces and how you can support employees.

Resources to help drive gender equity