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Leading flexible teams and organisations

Learn how you can support effective flexible working arrangements in your organisation.

Flexible working is about rethinking the where, when and how work can be done, in a way that works for your team without compromising on service delivery for the people of NSW.

Flexible working can:

  • improve employee engagement and commitment in the workforce
  • increase productivity
  • help attract and retain talent across several important workforce demographics
  • foster a sense of reciprocity among employees
  • which can improve customer service
  • enable new business models with broader benefits to customers and society more generally.

Agency heads and Secretaries are responsible for the implementation of this policy commitment in their agency. The success of this implementation will need your support through advocating, driving progress and accountability, and role modelling flexible working practices.

These resources have been developed to help you implement flexible working. Your HR team can guide you on what flexible working arrangements may work best in your organisation.

Understand what flexible working is and the options that might be available to your team or organisation.

Tools to help you lead, support and guide flexible working in your team or organisation.

Things to consider when reviewing and approving an employee’s flexible working proposal.

Self-assess your flexible working skills and identify areas of development.

Learn 7 key leadership capabilities that can enable you to meaningfully support hybrid work.