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Job share

Find out more about job share and whether it’s the right fit.

Job share is a popular flexible working arrangement across the sector which allows two or more employees to share one full-time role. Designed and managed properly, almost any role can be job shared.

Job share has many benefits for employees, managers and organisations, including:

  • access to quality part-time work and career opportunities for employees who need to work part-time for any reason, such as caring or community commitments, or managing ongoing health conditions
  • managing transitions to retirement
  • succession planning by pairing someone experienced with someone on the way up
  • broadening the potential pool of talent
  • increasing diversity by attracting underrepresented candidates.

There are 3 models of job share:

  • twin model – where 2 employees share a role and accountabilities
  • islands model – where 2 employees split a role and are responsible for different parts of the role (equivalent to 2 part-time roles)
  • hybrid model – a mix of both the twin and islands model, where 2 (or more) employees share a role with some shared responsibility and some divided responsibility to play to each other’s strengths.

Your agency’s HR team can guide you with what job share options may be available to you and how it could work for your team.

Learn about job share, how to make it work and how to get started.

Learn about managing a team who wants to job share.

Learn about effectively advocating for job share in your agency.

Learn about managing job share throughout the employment lifecycle.