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Making flexibility work for your team

Resources to help you manage a flexible or hybrid team.

All roles across the NSW government sector can be flexible on an ‘if not, why not’ basis, provided we maintain or improve service delivery to the people of NSW.

This means that:

  • anyone can seek a flexible working arrangement, for any reason
  • managers and teams need to consider how their services will be maintained or improved as part of their decision making
  • it is generally better to have this conversation as a team – and the whole team ‘owns’ the arrangements, to prevent it being purely a manager’s responsibility
  • these conversations can start from a place of ‘given the work we have to do, what flex might be possible, can we make this work, and if we can’t, why not? Then – what else might be possible?’.

For flexible working to be effective, it’s your responsibility as a leader or manager to consider how to implement it in the context of your team. It’s the responsibility of CEOs to implement this policy commitment at the agency level.

Our sector-wide data shows that employees who work flexibly:

  • have higher employee engagement, wellbeing and job satisfaction
  • report stronger motivation to go above and beyond for the organisation
  • use less unplanned leave
  • report increased team connection
  • report a strengthened commitment to their team, and their agency.

“Workplace flexibility has changed my life, it has given me the chance to be a parent and a full-time worker, I feel happy, refreshed, content at home and in my place of work...”
Employee, Grants Division, Legal Aid NSW

Resources for managing flexible teams

Guidance on your role and responsibilities and tips for day-to-day team management.

Principles to use with your team to ensure they communicate and perform well while working remotely.

Guidance for managers where most of their team works from separate locations for the majority of the time.

Guidance for managers to distinguish between job performance and flexible work performance, and how to set expectations about both.

Self-assess your flexible working skills and identify areas of development.

Trialling flexible work

These resources can help you implement a trial of flexible work in your team or organisation. They’ve been designed to help you bridge the gap between our commitment to working flexibly and making it work for your team.

Pilot flexible work program

In 2016, the NSW Government committed to making all roles in the NSW Government Sector flexible based on the principle of ‘if not, why not’. In response to this commitment, we conducted a pilot with 837 employees across 14 different NSW Government work contexts.

The pilot evaluation report revealed teams could effect cultural change in as little as three months, while either maintaining or improving individual, team and customer outcomes. The experience of flexibility improved in all pilots, and each participating team made the trial business as usual practice.