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Matrix for capability based assessments

Use this assessment matrix to map the capabilities to be assessed in each activity. A minimum of two capability-based assessments needs to be used to assess each focus capability.


CAPABILITY GROUP CAPABILITIES Level Assessment 1 Assessment 2 Assessment 3 Assessment 4
Personal attributes Display Resilience and Courage * Intermediate Yes   Yes  
Personal attributes Act with Integrity Foundational   Yes    
Personal attributes Manage Self Foundational        
Personal attributes Value Diversity and Inclusion Foundational       Yes
Relationships Communicate Effectively * etc.        
Relationships Commit to Customer Service *          
Relationships Work Collaboratively          
Relationships Influence and Negotiate          
Results Deliver Results          
Results Plan and Prioritise *          
Results Think and Solve Problems          
Results Demonstrate Accountability          
Business enablers Finance          
Business enablers Technology          
Business enablers Procurement & Contract Management          
Business enablers Project Management          
People management Manage and Develop People          
People management Inspire Direction and Purpose *          
People management Optimise Business Outcomes          
People management Manage Reform and Change          

* An asterisk and bold text indicate a focus capability