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Matrix for capabilities commonly assessed using work sample exercises

CAPABILITY GROUP CAPABILITIES Group exercise Role play Case study In-tray exercise Written exercise Technical skills assessment
Personal attributes Display Resilience and Courage Yes          
Personal attributes Act with Integrity   Yes        
Personal attributes Manage Self            
Personal attributes Value Diversity and Inclusion Yes          
Relationships Communicate Effectively Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Relationships Commit to Customer Service   Yes        
Relationships Work Collaboratively Yes          
Relationships Influence and Negotiate Yes Yes        
Results Deliver Results     Yes      
Results Plan and Prioritise     Yes Yes Yes  
Results Think and Solve Problems Yes   Yes Yes Yes  
Results Demonstrate Accountability   Yes        
Business enablers Finance           Yes
Business enablers Technology           Yes
Business enablers Procurement & Contract Management           Yes
Business enablers Project Management            
People management Manage and Develop People   Yes        
People management Inspire Direction and Purpose   Yes        
People management Optimise Business Outcomes     Yes      
People management Manage Reform and Change            
Occupation specific Refer to relevant capability set           Yes