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Example 1

Example 1 – Extend the length of temporary employment

Adam was looking for a project manager to manage the installation of conferencing facilities in 3 regional locations. The project was expected to take a maximum of 12 months. Adam knew Alina from previous work she had done as a contractor for the Department and thought she could be a good fit. So, he undertook a suitability assessment then engaged her in temporary employment for 12 months (refer to Rule 21).

Not long into the project there were changes in the Department’s priorities which meant that they had additional funding to roll out the conferencing facilities to a further 5 locations. This added at least 6 more months to the length of the project.
Adam could not extend Alina’s employment beyond 12 months without advertising and a comparative assessment.

Given the project length was initially estimated at 12 months, Adam could have used external advertising and a comparative assessment from the outset to ensure he had a competitive field and the option to extend the temporary employment beyond 12 months if needed (refer to GSE rule 22).