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Tools and resources to implement the strategic workforce planning framework

We have several tools and resources to help you navigate and implement your strategic workforce planning process. They have been designed to help you put the process outlined in NSW Government Strategic Workforce Planning Framework into action. 

Writing a strategic workforce plan

These resources were developed to guide you in writing your own strategic workforce plans.

Resources for 'Align' stage

The 'Align' stage will assist you in understanding longer-term organisational priorities and goals, so workforce planning strategies are designed to deliver them.

Resources for 'Compare' stage

The 'Compare' stage will help you consider current and future workforce needs and create plausible scenarios.

Resources for 'Identify' stage

The 'Identify' stage will help you brainstorm initiatives to close gaps between current and future workforce taking capability and capacity into consideration.

Resources for 'Implement' stage

The 'Implement' stage will assist you to define and implement actions to address workforce gaps while managing any associated risks.

Resources for 'Review' stage

The 'Review' stage is about monitoring, evaluating and revising strategies as needed.

Case studies

See how some NSW Government agencies have used the strategic workforce planning framework in practice.

Riverina Murray region Aboriginal workforce strategy

Learn how the Department of Regional NSW, Riverina Murray Aboriginal Workforce Strategy working group and the local Aboriginal community worked together on a cross sector strategy for Aboriginal employment. 

New England North West regional workforce strategy

Learn how the Department of Regional NSW, New England North West Regional Leaders Network and the Regional Leaders Executive worked together on a strategic plan for their workforce in regional NSW.

Questions or feedback?

For all enquiries regarding these strategic workforce planning tools and resources, email the PSC's Workforce Strategy and Design team. 

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