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NSW Government disability internship program

Learn about our disability-targeted internships, their purpose, and how to take part.

The NSW Government disability internship program is a paid internship program for tertiary students with disability. Students in the program complete work placements with NSW Government agencies during their university vacation periods.

The NSW Public Service Commission coordinates the program on behalf of NSW Government. It is run in partnership the Australian Network on Disability (AND). During the internships AND provide guidance and advice to interns and their managers.

The aim of this targeted internship program is to:

  • allow students with disability to build their employability skills and develop their professional network

  • allow interns and their employers to have positive discussions around workplace adjustments

  • increase disability confidence in NSW Government, and contribute to NSW Government being an employer of choice for people with disability

  • grow a diverse workforce which supports innovation and inclusion.

Benefits for agencies

  • Attracts high potential diverse pool of candidates

  • Increases disability confidence in the workplace

  • Supports the employment of people with disability

  • Builds on NSW Government’s EVP as an employer of choice for people with disability

  • Creates an agile, flexible career model.

Funding and costs

The PSC funds the annual sponsorship cost of $4,960 per intern for 10 interns for a summer and winter placement.

As interns are employed by their host agency, agencies will be required to fund intern salaries. The total approximate cost is $17,400 per intern per annum, which assumes a Crown Employees Award Clerk General Scale Step 4 salary (including on-costs) for 12 weeks over summer and 4 weeks over winter.

Applicable salary may vary based on the intern’s circumstances such as their age or level of qualifications.

How to apply to host an intern

We are currently seeking interest from agencies for 10 places in the Disability Internship Program, ‘Stepping Into’, which is run by the Australian Network on Disability.

Applications close 5:00pm on Thursday 5 October 2023.

•    Program objectives: The Program helps interns to build employability skills while studying. It also helps them to build professional networks and to be competitive in applying for the NSW Government Graduate Program. The initiative supports our aspirations to employ more people with disability in the NSW government sector.
•    Costs: The PSC funds sponsorship fees for 10 interns at $4,960 per intern for a summer and winter placement. Participating agencies fund intern salaries at a total approximate cost of $18,100 per intern placed. 
•    How to apply: Complete the ‘Stepping Into’ placement overview template and send it to Samuel Myers via email by 5:00pm Thursday 5 October 2023.

View the program overview

Find out more about how the program benefits agencies and the support provided.

Program Overview - Disability Internship Program 2023-24

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