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Transfer and Secondment Guidelines

Guidance on employee transfers and secondments between government sector agencies or other relevant bodies.

The Transfer and Secondment Guidelines provide advice to government sector agencies on the following movements:

  • Transfer of non-executive employees between different government sector agencies for an indefinite period
  • Secondment of non-executive employees between government agencies for a limited period
  • Secondment of an employee between a NSW government sector agency and a non-government sector body.

Changes to transfers and secondments

On 31 August 2018 the Government Sector Employment (General) Rules 2014 were amended to enable Public Service agency heads to determine the appropriate advertising and assessment requirements when filling a role through transfers and secondments. This is consistent with requirements applying to other NSW government sector agency heads.

Senior executive movements

Information on assignment of Public Service senior executives is available in the Assignment to role guideline.

The purpose of and context for when to use the guidelines

Key information on secondment stages

Key information on initiating transfers for employees at all levels

Key information on staff secondments to a non-government sector body

Information on required checks before a transfer or secondment can occur

Legislation relevant to transfers and secondments

Applying the GSE mobility provisions

GSE Act s66 Template Secondment Agreement