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Key information on initiating transfers for employees at all levels

Transfers - GSE Act s64, GSE Rules, Part 6

A transfer is a move of a government sector employee to a different NSW government sector agency for an indefinite period.

Assessment requirements for transfers are outlined in Part 6 of the GSE Rules.

Except where the employee agrees to a transfer at a lower level, a transfer may only be at the same or equivalent grade or level. The remuneration of an employee who is transferred is not to be reduced without the approval of the employee.

Transfers can be initiated by the employer or the employee. An employee may initiate a transfer by requesting a transfer to a role in another NSW government sector agency. This does not need to be in response to the advertising of a role in the other agency.

Continuity of service and the cashing out of leave in the context of transfers is addressed in the GSE Regulation Part 3 Division 2.

For information on probity and screening checks prior to a transfer, see the probity screening section of these guidelines.

Transfers and senior executive contracts

Senior executives transferring from a non-Public Service agency into the Public Service are to have the relevant Public Service model contract as set out in the GSE Rules. Similarly, Public Service senior executives transferring out of the Public Service may need to have new contracts appropriate for their employment in the other government sector service.

Transfer to a different location

An employer or employee may initiate a transfer to a role or position in another agency which involves a move to another geographical location. Where this is the case the usual consideration is to be given to workforce needs and options to fill roles, and consultation is required.

In particular cases, the provisions of the Crown Employees (Transferred Employees Compensation) Award may apply to non-executive employees.