Project sector role descriptions

Below are project sector role descriptions developed in consultation with the sector. Each role description has been developed using the endorsed Role Description Builder and is in line with the Role Description Development Guide.

When using these Sector Role Descriptions please refer to the Sector Role Description Action Guide (PDF 47kb) and the Sector Role Descriptions Frequently Asked Questions.

All role descriptions specify the capability levels required for the role, which have been identified from the 2013 NSW Public Sector Capability Framework. These sector role descriptions can be used across a range of workforce management activities, including recruitment, performance management, learning and development and career planning.

PSSE Band 1

Director Project Management Office

Accountable for overall project management function. Typically reporting to Deputy Secretary Operations or Executive Director Operations at cluster level or within major delivery agency.

Director Project Management Office_Band 1 (DOCX 71.7KB)

Director Infrastructure Projects

Principal infrastructure project leader and implements project management frameworks within a substantial agency. Typically reporting to Deputy Secretary at a cluster level but may report to an agency head or Deputy Chief Executive within a particular agency

Director Infrastructure Projects_Band 1 (DOCX 71.6KB)