The Property Acquisition Capability Set is intended to be used in conjunction with the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework (“Capability Framework”) to support the full range of workforce management and development activities, including:

  • role design and description
  • recruitment
  • performance development
  • learning and development
  • strategic workforce planning.

It defines additional knowledge, skills and abilities required for roles within the property acquisition profession.

The behavioural indicators are not exhaustive, but describe the types of behaviours, knowledge or actions that suggest effective performance at each capability level.

They are meant to be applied very flexibly and contextualised to the role.

The Property Acquisition Capability Set was launched by Kathrina Lo, NSW Public Service Commissioner at the Property Acquisition Community of Practice meeting on 14 May 2021. Watch Kathrina's address via YouTube.

Property acquisition capability set

Determining capability levels

Generally a role would require each of the capabilities from the Property Acquisition Capability Set but at varying levels depending on role requirement. The level 1-5 that is applied to a role will depend on the breadth and nature of its accountabilities.

To determine the level of capability required, select the group of behavioural indicators that best fit the role.

As a guide, most Acquisition Manager roles would be expected to require skills and knowledge in the range of 3-5 for the capability areas of: Property Acquisition Professional Knowledge and Evaluation & Negotiation capabilities. In addition, they would have a minimum Level 1 in Case Management capability depending on the focus of their responsibilities.

Another example: Personal Manager roles that provide property owner and/or resident support will require strong interpersonal skills (so Level 3-5 Case Management), as well as, a minimum Level 1 in the specialised Property Acquisition Professional Knowledge and Evaluation & Negotiation capabilities.

Qualifications and other role requirements

The NSW Capability Framework and the Property Acquisition Capability Set describe behaviours but do not specify qualifications.

If a qualification or professional membership is an essential requirement for the role, this remains as a pre-requisite for employment.

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