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Capability discovery tool

The Capability Discovery Tool allows for an assessment of the capability of an individual against the capabilities in the NSW Public Sector Capability Framework.

It helps:

  • Employees reflect on their capability development needs
  • Job applicants to decide if they have the capabilities at the required level for a role
  • Managers to consider the capabilities of their staff.

The Capability Discovery Tool is subjective. The results will reflect an opinion of a person’s capability. The results are not meant to be an objective measure of capability.

Capability Discovery Tool

Access the tool

Using the Capability Discovery Tool

You can use the tool for self-assessment or to assess an employee or colleague. You can also nominate other people to complete an assessment of you to give feedback on your capabilities. People you might ask include managers, peers or colleagues.

Performance development discussions

Managers can use the Capability Discovery Tool to begin performance development discussions. One way to do this is for a manager and their employee to separately assess the employee’s capabilities against the capabilities (or focus capabilities) in the role description. Comparing results may help to identify where an employee is exceeding expectations and could be looking for promotional opportunities. Other times, it may show areas where the employee, manager or both think that development is needed.

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