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How to apply the Framework

The NSW Public Sector Capability Framework describes the capabilities and associated behaviours that are expected of all NSW public sector employees, at every level and in every organisation.

The Capability Framework provides a common foundation and a systematic, integrated approach for the full range of workforce management and development activities: role design and description; recruitment; performance management; learning and development, career planning and strategic workforce planning.

It gives the large and diverse public sector a common language to describe the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to perform work across all clusters and agencies.

The Capability Framework supports:

  • consistent role descriptions across the sector by providing a common basis for describing capability requirements
  • best practice recruitment outcomes as managers and selection panels have a clear picture of the type and level of capability required and can apply targeted assessment methodologies
  • managing performance development by assisting managers and staff to have a clear, shared understanding of role expectations and providing a starting point for capability assessment and development planning
  • sector mobility based on consistent articulation of capabilities required in roles across the sector
  • targeted learning and development activities (formal and informal) to specific capability levels and underpinning talent management programs
  • individual career planning, enabling employees to identify career and development pathways based on the capabilities required for progression to chosen roles
  • systematic workforce planning, as the capabilities are used to identify current and future workforce capability needs and gaps.

The Capability Framework is a key input to facilitate a number of reforms and sector wide initiatives, including: transition of existing executive staff to a role in one of the new executive bands under the Executive Structure Reform; as the basis for assessment of executives under the Executive Development Program; sector-wide and cluster level development initiatives; aligning and developing employees’ capabilities through implementing the Performance Development Framework.

The success of the Capability Framework relies on agency ownership and the degree to which capabilities are integrated and embedded across workforce management and development practices.

Agencies are expected to embed the Capability Framework in their workforce management practices before the end of a three year period from the date of release (9 August 2013), and should therefore plan and develop a structured implementation process.

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