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Capability Framework User Guides

The Capability Framework User Guides are for current NSW public sector employees and people managers.

These User Guides will help you to use the Capability Framework as a tool in your daily work and to develop your career. If you are a manager, they'll help you to build capable employees who achieve business outcomes. 

User Guide Content

Each User Guide includes:

  • a toolkit of useful resources published by the Public Service Commission,
  • action steps to assist people managers and employees in engaging with the Capability Framework, and
  • key points to remember when using the Capability Framework at each stage of the employment lifecycle.

Customising content for your agency

Each User Guide's toolkit may be revised to add your organisation’s local resources for each stage of the employment lifecycle: contact the Capability Design team if you would like to create customised versions for your agency.

Provide feedback

How do you use the Capability Framework in your day-today work? Do you have any comments on the User Guides? Send us your feedback