Trust, Service

& Accountability

Behaving Ethically

What you need to know

All NSW government sector employees are required to behave in ways that are ethical, lawful and build trust in the sector.

Make sure you:

  • Follow the Ethical Framework
  • Meet your obligations under the laws that apply to you
  • Comply with your agency's code of conduct
  • Act according to the Westminster System conventions if it is your job to advise Ministers or work with Ministers’ staff, or to implement Government decisions or policies.

Quick Links:

For Department Secretaries and Senior Executives

For Employees providing advice or information to Ministers

For Managers and Supervisors 

For All Employees

Sections will be updated from time to time with changes in Government Sector Employment Regulations and Rules, Commissioner’s Directions and best practice.

For additional information, contact the Public Sector Values unit in the Public Service Commission on 02 9272 6000.