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Organisational risk factors for burnout

Organisational risk factors are aspects within the work environment that contribute to an increased risk of burnout. Our guide enables you to use PMES questions to assess each risk factor and identify areas to act on to create a healthier and more sustainable workplace.

The organisation risk factors for burnout are:

  • workload 
  • resources and support 
  • work-life balance 
  • role clarity 
  • control
  • reward 
  • community 
  • fairness 
  • values.

By addressing these risk factors in your agency, you will create a more supportive and inclusive workplace and reduce the risk of burnout in your employees.

The key steps your agency can take to address burnout effectively

Assess burnout risk factors

Analyse PMES data to pinpoint the primary sources of stress, dissatisfaction and burnout among employees.

Consult with employees

Engage in conversations with your employees and teams to gain qualitative insights about their experiences. 

Create an action plan

Based on your findings, outline a plan that addresses the identified burnout risk factors.

Implement changes

Collaborate with your HR team, managers and employees to ensure a coordinated effort in implementing changes.

Review and adapt

Monitor key performance indicator to assess whether you plan has led to positive changes and identify areas that require further adjustment. 

Organisational risk factors guide

We have developed a guide which you can use to assess your organisation’s burnout risk factors using PMES questions. The guide also contains strategies to mitigate each risk factor. 

Organisational risk factors for burnout

Use this guide to identify the risk factors for burnout in your organisation.

Donwnload our organisational risk factors guide