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Support Link: sexual harassment information assistant

This page contains content on sexual harassment in the workplace. 

For immediate help refer to resources at the bottom of the page. 

To find information on sexual harassment at work and how to report it use the anonymous Support Link: sexual harassment information assistant.

Support Link is an interactive information assistant, that provides employees with access to accurate information regarding sexual harassment at work. 

It provides pathways for information if:

  • You have experienced sexual harassment at work
  • You’ve seen or overheard behaviour that might be sexual harassment
  • Someone has disclosed to you that they have experienced sexual harassment

Please note Support Link is not a reporting tool- it only provides information and practical advice. You can find direct links to support services above and within Support Link.

Support Link was developed by the University of New South Wales Gendered Violence Research Network. 

The information provided reflects NSW and Federal legislation, and there are specific references to NSW Government employee policies and guidelines. The Support Link information is not intended as legal advice.

Support Link will ask a series of questions to guide you to the information most relevant to their situation. 

To access Support Link scroll down on this page and the conversation will being automatically.


Use of Support Link is confidential and cannot be traced to individual users. No identifying information about users, including username or conversation details is collected by the information assistant. The information assistant does not store information and will not ask users to share any personal or identifiable information. 

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