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The Ethical Framework

A summary of the ethical responsibilities for all sector employees under the GSE Act.

All NSW government sector employees are required and expected to act ethically and in the public interest. This can be achieved by adhering to the NSW Government’s core values of Integrity, Trust, Accountability and Service. These values are underpinned by 18 principles which guide the behaviour of people working for the NSW Government. The core values are all of equal importance. 

These values and principles are collectively known as the Ethical Framework.


  • Consider people equally without prejudice or favour.
  • Act professionally with honesty, consistency and impartiality.
  • Take responsibility for situations, showing leadership and courage.
  • Place the public interest over personal interest.


  • Appreciate difference and welcome learning from others
  • Build relationships based on mutual respect.
  • Uphold the law, institutions of government and democratic principles.
  • Communicate intentions clearly and invite teamwork and collaboration.
  • Provide apolitical and non-partisan advice.


  • Recruit and promote staff on merit.
  • Take responsibility for decisions and actions.
  • Provide transparency to enable public scrutiny.
  • Observe standards for safety.
  • Be fiscally responsible and focus on efficient, effective and prudent use of resources.


  • Provide services fairly with a focus on customer needs.
  • Be flexible, innovative and reliable in service delivery.
  • Engage with the not-for-profit and business sectors to develop and implement service solutions.
  • Focus on quality while maximising service delivery. 

The Behaving Ethically guide is your key resource to help you implement the ethical framework in your workplace.