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Positive and productive workplaces

Guidelines to prevent, identify and respond to workplace bullying.

It is important that NSW Government employees reflect on their own behaviour and take ownership for the role they play in creating a positive workplace.

The Positive and Productive Workplaces Guidelines support NSW Government sector agencies, their leaders and employees in preventing, identifying and responding to workplace bullying. These guidelines encourage individual employees to:

  • Respect your role, each other, and our organisation’s values and code of conduct.
  • Reflect on how your behaviour contributes to an inclusive, positive and productive workplace.
  • Reset your mindset and step into a positive frame.

Respect, Reflect, Reset

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Creating behavioural change

There are nine themes in the Positive and Productive Workplace guidelines which can help effect behavioural change in individuals to create inclusive workplaces. 


When I include everyone on my team, I’m creating a positive and inclusive workplace.


When we work together, we go further.


I succeed when I’m accountable for the work I do and the way I behave.


I make a positive contribution to the team when I support others in reaching their goals.


When there is change we find ways to support each other, to adapt and learn new skills.

Story telling

The stories I tell can shape a positive and constructive workplace.

Speaking up

When I speak up openly and respectfully, I create a more positive and productive workplace.

Learning environment

When we learn from our mistakes and support each other, we are creating a positive workplace.

Acting early

Spotting the warning signs and speaking up helps maintain a positive and inclusive workplace.

Resources for agencies

The following resources can be used to build on your existing workplace program. They can be helpful to reset culture by clarifying values and expectations, setting standards of behaviour and focusing on building a positive and productive workplace.

These can be used as a training or induction tool, a discussion point for team meetings, or to complement current or future workplace programs.

These are designed to prompt positive discussions about what respectful behaviour looks like. Each scenario is a suggestion only, and can be adapted to suit the specific needs and environment of your agency.

There are 9 posters with bold yet simple statements to reinforce messages for preventing bullying and building a positive and productive workplace. These can be printed or used electronically.