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Measures of success

Benefits and measures of the talent review process.

Implementation of the talent review principles and high impact practices will result in:

Tailored development

  • Tailored development plans for employees informed by individual talent review outcomes.
  • Professional development and mobility opportunities that meet talent review outcomes.
  • Increases in planned mobility across the sector.
  • Improvements in PMES results related to development e.g. “My organisation is committed to developing its employees”.

Connected and integrated business processes

  • Talent reviews that are informed by organisational business processes (e.g. professional development planning cycle).
  • More informed succession planning for critical roles.
  • Streamlined processes for Leadership Academy nominations.

Enhanced organisational capability

  • Right organisational capability to deliver talent reviews.
  • Right organisational capability to deliver major organisational initiatives.

Supporting diversity practices

  • Talent within agencies and across the sector is representative of the diversity in the workforce and community.