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About talent review and talent management

The benefits of and model for talent management.

Talent management is about identifying, developing and engaging people to make a significant contribution their organisations now and in the future. It requires the identification and active development of a diverse supply of leaders and key contributors across the NSW Public Sector.

The Talent Review Framework focuses on the element of talent management that answers the question: “How do we define, identify and categorise talent to target development and growth?”

The talent management model is illustrated below.

Figure 1. Talent review is one component of talent management

Figure 1 trf fig 1 0
Diagram showing the talent review framework in the public sector

Benefits of talent review

Research shows that organisations that have mature talent management practices have stronger performance and outcomes. Talent reviews help organisations to:

  1. Effectively execute their strategy
  2. More effectively coach and develop people for better performance
  3. More effectively anticipate and respond to change, and become more agile and innovative
  4. Improve retention and engagement
  5. Effectively target investment in talent.

Talent assessment can help individuals understand their own strengths and how to tailor their development. It also can help managers to better understand how to effectively support their individual team members to be successful.