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About the framework

The purpose of the Talent Review Framework and key definitions.

Consistent identification of talent will maximise the effectiveness of the development opportunities for our people. It will ensure we can help the right people to access cross-sector development opportunities so we effectively support and engage our high potential and high performing future leaders, specialists and subject experts.

The Talent Review Framework describes the:

  • benefits of talent review
  • principles and high-impact practices for effective talent reviews
  • common set of definitions for talent terms and segments in the NSW public sector
  • guidance on how to tailor talent review processes based on risk and fit-for-purpose.
  • supporting resources for people leaders and human resources (HR) teams that are involved in planning and participating in talent reviews are included as supplementary guidance to the framework.

The framework is the result of consultation with representatives across the sector and informed by contemporary research.

What is talent?

'Talent' is a broad term used to describe all individuals who contribute to an organisation’s success.

What is talent review?

Talent review is the process of talent identification and talent segmentation of a cohort within the workforce. It informs decision making about prioritised development for individuals and the organisation.

Talent review is based on assessment of an individuals’ performance, potential, interest in development opportunities and readiness. A person’s performance and potential may change over their career, so talent review decisions and outcomes will also change over time.

View the full set of common definitions for talent terms.