The approach of ‘if not, why not’ means that everyone employed in the NSW Government sector can begin a conversation about what type of flexible working might be available, regardless of the reason for why you might be seeking it.

Use these resources to:

  • prepare for when you talk about flexibility in your team
  • prepare for one-on-one conversations you have with your team about their arrangements –what to do if it’s not working, or if you need to say no
  • what to consider when someone gives you a formal or ongoing flexibility proposal

Managers Conversation Guide

Use this resource for having successful one-on-one conversations with your team.

Manager Checklist

If an employee wants to request an ongoing flexible arrangement, this checklist will help you to prepare your verbal and written response.

You might also want to check out the common misgivings or concerns that many people have about flexible working, and a suggested way to resolve them. They could come in handy for team conversations.