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Recruiting people with disability

Some people with disability have difficulty with traditional recruitment assessment methods and need coordinated pathways into jobs. 

Before recruiting for a new role, you should consider what the inherent requirements of the job are. Consider the where, when, how and who of a role when considering its inherent requirements – what could be adjusted to win the best possible candidate?

As a guide, inherent requirements are the fundamental tasks that define a job or category of jobs and that must be carried out in order to get the job done. It describes the results to be achieved rather than the means for achieving a result. Not all the requirements of a job are inherent requirements. For more information on how to design an inclusive job description, go to creating a new role description.

People with a disability may require adjustments to the recruitment process to demonstrate their capabilities and their ability to perform the inherent requirements of a role.

They may apply for roles within the NSW public sector in several ways, including the NSW Government Graduate Program and I Work For NSW.  

The application process can pose significant barriers for people with disability.  For more information on how to recruit inclusively read our Hiring Manager's Toolkit, which has been developed to help increase confidence around the process of employing people with disability.