People with disability bring valuable attributes to the workplace, but they are considerably under-represented in the NSW government sector workforce. The NSW Government stepped up its commitment to employ more people with disability with a Premier’s Priority target of 5.6 per cent representation in the government sector by the end of 2025.

Some people with disability have difficulty with traditional recruitment assessments methods and need coordinated pathways into NSW public sector jobs.

Information on this page will help you through the process of advertising a role, assessing and hiring a person with a disability. There are practical tips and tools on a range of topics to increase your knowledge, skills and confidence around the process of employing people with disability. 

Increase your disability recruitment knowledge

How to recruit people with disability

Learn how to get it right from the start when recruiting people with disability, including practical information on designing and advertising a job and building an inclusive assessment process.

Disability employment services

Learn how and when to hire people with disability from disability employment services.

Sharing of disability

Learn how disability information is shared in the public sector and how you can create a safe environment for employees to share their disability information.

Onboarding for new staff with disability

Learn more about how to help new staff with disability have a good start and thrive in their new role

Anti-discrimination laws

Learn about the anti-discrimination laws in Australia that you need to know as a Hiring Manager in your agency or organisation.

Where to go for disability information

Access more specific help about disability and disability employment from our list of resources and organisations.